This page offers several demo production and perception experiments using the PsychoPy builder view, along with their tutorials. We are happy to share our materials to researchers who are interested in creating and running experiments; feel free to modify them for your experiments.

The demo experiments were created using PsychoPy 1.85.2; we recommend this version for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, we recommend installing the latest MacOS version. You can start by downloading PsychoPy and our materials (tutorials and demo experiments) and setting up a folder to contain our experiment files.

TaskPurposeDemo experiment
Word production task 1Each word appears every 3 seconds.Tutorial
Mac / Windows
Word production task 2Each word appears after a participant presses the space bar.Tutorial
Mac / Windows
Identification taskParticipants are asked to listen to a sound and identify it among several sounds.Tutorial
Mac / Windows
AX discrimination taskParticipants are asked to listen to two sounds and determine whether they are the same or not.Tutorial
Mac / Windows
Rating taskParticipants are asked to listen to sounds and rate the accuracy of sounds on a scale of 1-7.Tutorial
Mac / Windows

If you have any questions about our tutorials, e-mail Na-Young Ryu at

This work was supported by the UTSC Teaching Enhancement Grant (awarded to Dr. Yoonjung Kang, 2017). Hyoung Seok Kwon made significant contributions to the design of the demo experiments.

Na-Young Ryu. 2017. Psychopy tutorials for common linguistic experiments.