I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. I received my Ph.D in Linguistics from the University of Toronto in Canada. I also earned a certificate to teach Korean as a second language, while I studied for my M.A in English Linguistics from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea. Prior to joining Pennsylvania State University, I taught Korean language courses at all levels to heritage and non-heritage learners at the University of Toronto.

I am interested in the integration of technology and language learning. For example, I have used digital storytelling and video projects, as innovative pedagogical approaches to engage students in deep and meaningful L2 learning as they practice writing and speaking. In addition, to help learners improve L2 speech perception and production, I have developed a web-based auditory training program and used it in the classroom.

Department of Asian Studies, Penn State University, USA

Spring 2021KOR1: Level One Korean A (Elementary Korean)
KOR110: Level Two Korean B (High-Intermediate Korean)
Fall 2020KOR1: Level One Korean A (Elementary Korean)
KOR110: Level Two Korean B (High-Intermediate Korean)
Spring 2020KOR3: Level Two Korean A (Intermediate Korean)
KOREAN110: Level Two Korean B (High-Intermediate Korean)
Fall 2019KOR1: Level One Korean A (Elementary Korean)
KOR110: Level Two Korean B (High-Intermediate Korean)

Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

2018-2019EAS310Y: Modern Standard Korean III (Advanced Korean)
2017-2018EAS210Y: Modern Standard Korean II (Intermediate Korean)
2016-2017EAS310Y: Modern Standard Korean III (Advanced Korean)
Summer 2016EAS110Y: Modern Standard Korean I (Elementary Korean)

Department of English Linguistics,
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

2011-2012Business English, Screen English, iBT TOEFL

School of Dance, Korea National University of Art, South Korea

2011-2012English Grammar, English Pronunciation

Department of Hotel and Tourism Management,
Chungkang College of Cultural Industries, South Korea

2010-2011English Grammar, English Pronunciation